Pensive Cat


I watch you take a few steps on the cold kitchen floor.  You rub against my leg and breathe out a single “meow”. You then make your way towards the door.  You stare at me. Finally understanding what you are getting at, I get up and walked towards you. I take hold of the doorknob, turn it, and slowly pull the door open to the world outside. There you can chase chimpmunks and enjoy one of your many turf wars with the neighborhood cats. Maybe find a few fledglings from a nearby tree. Whatever your little kitty heart desires.

But to no ones surprise, you decide not to go out. You turn around as if  I were playing a trick on you. You make your way towards the middle of the kitchen and I watch your eyes wander into the nothingness of the air around you. Oh my absent-minded cat. What do you want? What are you thinking about?


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