Perfection Will Have to Wait


I have an extremely neat father-in-law. Cleaning is his obsession. “A place for everything and everything in its place” is his life’s motto.   Things are so well taken care of that he has even managed to preserve my husband’s childhood toys that now my son plays with.  Of course when he’s done playing with them he puts them back into their assigned bin. They are then stored in the toy closet.  Seasonal decor is also stored accordingly and taken out when the holidays come along.  Boxes for Christmas decorations, and boxes for wrapping paper.  A box or bin for everything. Where does this man find all this time to keep his house so neat and organized? I envy his perfection.  I try to emulate his organization skills. But honestly, with two 110LB dogs, a cat, a 3-year-old, and a husband who has the time.  I surely don’t.  The other day I found a Captain America shield in my tupperware drawer.  I keep the house as clean as I can.  Cleanliness is most important.  But the mess…oh the mess…. I fear it will never dissipate.  I have to accept that.  But as long as everyone is fed, clean, and healthy then I am content.  The mess can wait and so can perfection.


Here’s a terrible picture of Boomer and kitty cat



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