Something Quick

When I was about 12 I saw a picture in a magazine of bedroom with clouds painted on the ceiling.  I loved it.  I really wanted my room to look like that room.  Magical and peaceful.  A serene setting just like it was painted in that picture.  So, I bought some paint, brushes and sponge.  I researched how to paint clouds on ceilings as best as I could (there wasn’t any google back then).  First I painted the ceiling blue.  That was actually the easiest part.  It was the perfect blue.  I let it dry a bit and then went on to my cloud preparation. I poured some white paint into a paint tray and dipped my sponge in it.  Then I slowly began to make circles that took the shape of clouds.  They looked extraordinary.  They looked real.  Then I just got carried away and made way too make circles and swirls and the clouds just looks like a mess.  I try to fix it but painting is so exhausting.  I stopped, and realized this needed to stop. I left it as it was for a few weeks.  Then I decided to paint over it.  I used the blue paint and began to paint the walls and the atrocious clouds that I had made.  As I was finishing up my paint job I ran out of paint.  Good thing I decided not to move any of furniture in my room.  I came up with a genius idea.  Paint around the furniture.  I know.  Terrible.  I was 12.  Words of advice… Painting clouds on your ceilings is never a good idea. Painting around furniture might oddly be brilliant.


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