Elusive Chipmunk

Its morning.  The light from the sun shines through the glass doors.  I race down the stairs eager to start the chase.  I think about yesterday,  I almost had him.  Here comes mom down the stairs. She’s the best. Mom always watches her footing as the steps are always booby-trapped with Legos or action figures. She’s getting closer to the door. I need to devise a genius plan for the hunt. Wait. What’s that???!!! I SEE HIM!  He is menacingly  sitting under the bird feeder.  Mom calls him a Chipmunk, I call him breakfast! My plan is to walk slowly when mom opens the door and sneak up on him quietly.  Okay, she’s reaching for the lock. Click.  Now slide it open mom, but quietly so we don’t scare him off.  Ok. Ready, set RUN!!! BARK!!!!JUMP!!!DESTROY MOM’S GARDEN!!!DESTROY CHIPMUNK!!! WHERE IS THE CHIPMUNK!!!  Oh no. I did it again.  That elusive chipmunk always makes me look like an idiot.  Tomorrow we will meet again.


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