Suffocated Dream

Darkness settles in. You’ve lost your way. Your mind loses its radiance. It’s slowly suffocating. Everything around is growing but you remain still. The years pass. The gloom lingers.

Thoughts begin to form. Your mind begins to expand. You feel again. After years wasted, a lost piece of you starts to break through. The piece of you that connected your strength and fears. You break the cycle.

Your mind was once a vacant paradise filled with mirages that could not be materialized.  Anger and shame brought you back from despair. They made you feel and with it let you live.


Garbage Talk

Your mind races. The words begin to form. You process the thoughts. Slowly. Detailed. Thinking of the mechanisms of the jaw and the movement of your tongue.  Everything in slow motion.  Hesitantly, you open your heart. The thoughts that had taken so long to perfect filter through your being. You open your mouth. Nothing. Silence. You struggle to scrape lost ideas. Phrases just grasped. They slip through the crevices of fear perforated through your thoughts. Your insides shake. The words are buried. Forever gone. A little piece of your truth dies.


Life does come to an end though sometimes it feels as if it’s never ending. We clutch our memories.  Sort them. Then try to keep their fragments through our forgetfulness. Through the unknown of each day there is something new that awaits us. We trek through feelings of hate, worry, and love as we try to figure out our place in this unforgiving sphere  we live on. Unfold the sky. Let it swallow you completely till your heart slows down. Embrace it. Release.